Privecy Policy

BIG BREAK is a unique audition & casting portal facilitating the aspirants of the particular field & the Film / TV production houses, advertising agencies & TV Channels etc simultaneously.

The personal & professional information of yours such as detail provided at the time of registration, your use of services at the website & the kind of content you like to access at the website shall be collected by BIG BREAK.

WHILE visiting BIG BREAK, we may collect certain data that does not disclose us your personality specific. The type of data we access such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, which pages you visit on our Websites, how long you stay on them, and what you click.

BY accepting the terms & conditions ,You agree that BIG BREAK may  use this personal information to  better the services to be provided to you, to verify your identity for security purpose, for promoting and marketing & promotion of other BIG BREAK Products/ Concepts & services to you and also for the research reasons for internal purposes.

BIG BREAK reserves the right of probability to disclose your personal information, including your name and contact details to the authorities’ specific relevant to the cause or as required by the law in good belief/trust or in the case it is really necessary. Such disclosure of information is done in sheer necessity such as promotions, providing the employment / assignments in relevant sectors, internal research & evaluation etc. Otherwise the information provided by user at the website is absolutely safe. Though being a valued user of BIG BREAK, you can always access, modify or correct your information.

 Data Security

Big Break is committed to secure your information in lawful manner by following the all web based norms in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personally identifiable information. The authorized access by becoming the valid user of our website cannot be denied. If you do not agree with the terms & of this Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop using or visiting our Website. Though, the information on web is never a secret, a single scroll explores all available on web about a particular person. The Policy gets effective from 31.10.2013. Big break reserves the right for updating & changes in the policy. Such policy changes or update is not provided by posting of notice or message on website by us. The user is free to check the privacy policy time to time.

 Connectivity to other Websites and Third Party Services

Social Networking sites today paves the way to success through promotions & their wide reach on Global platform. Therefore Big Break may hold links to other websites & may post your information on the websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. for all the reasons as mentioned above. The transmission of the user’s information takes place in swinging between the links or clicking the links of other websites (third party) by the user on our website. User’s information becomes open after his/her sharing the links to other websites. Big Break is not responsible for the security & privacy of the information of user which he/she provide visiting other websites.  This is the sole responsibility of the user to review carefully the privacy policy & the norms of the website.

 Using Cookies to serve you better

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user's previous activity, the kind of data or content user likes. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items in a shopping cart, the pages visited time & again) or to record the user's browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, loging in or recording which pages were visited by the user as far back as months or years ago). Cookies cannot carry viruses, and cannot install malware on the host computer. We may use cookies to keep track of your choices & home page preferences & your preferred websites. Though you have a choice to deny or accept cookies. User can modify the browser settings to deny cookies if he wants but cookies may be necessary to provide you with certain features on the websites.